Kitten update

(Watching television.  Photo by Robin.  September 2007)

Izzy and Bella are big fans of Martha Stewart.  They particularly like watching her show when some of the guests are dogs.  The mixer (Martha was making cupcakes this morning) is a big hit with the kitties too.

I don’t normally watch Martha, but now that I know it’s a big hit with the kitlets I turn it on for them.

More County Fair Stuff

This is just an excuse to post more County Fair photos, of course.

I’m not dead, in case anyone wondered. I’ve been ignoring this blog lately. Shame on me. I’d blame it on the kittens but they’re finally starting to settle down a little. Not a lot. Just a little.


Back to the County Fair.

(Photo by Robin. August 2007)

We saw lots of horses.

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