Busy Week

(Izzy & Bella after a hard day.  Photo by Robin.  September 2007)

It’s been a busy week here in the Bogs.

Izzy and Bella went for their first visit to the vet on Wednesday.  They were purring machines while the vet looked them over.  He had a little trouble listening to their hearts because of all the purring.  The vet declared them healthy and happy.

What really surprised me was how they didn’t react at all to the shots when the vet was sticking them with a needle.  He tried distracting them with cat treats, but neither Izzy nor Bella were interested in the treats.  They were more interested in checking everything out.

They did react to the shots shortly after we arrived home.  Or perhaps their reaction was to the stress of the car ride, the vet visit, and the shots.  Whatever the case, they slept through the afternoon, evening, and as far as I know, most of the night.  Both were their usual perky selves by morning.

M the Younger bought a car on Thursday.  M the Elder went with him on various look-see trips.  They finally decided on one and had it inspected by a mechanic.  It more or less passed inspection (considering the price, it was good enough).  The car was dropped off at our mechanic’s after the purchase so he could take care of some repairs.  Those repairs brought the purchase price down.  All in all, I think M the Younger ended up paying the asking price if you include repairs, taxes, title, etc.

The fun part about his new car is that it’s a manual transmission.  M and I stood outside yesterday and watched him drive it on his own for the first time yesterday evening.  We had a good laugh as he stalled out several times trying to back up in the driveway.  M the Elder had taken him out earlier in the evening to teach him how to drive with a clutch and stick shift.  If it had been up to me I’d have made him take a few more driving lessons before going out on his own, but he’s an adult and it really isn’t up to me anymore.

Still, it was funny watching him stall out.

I learned to drive in a car with a standard/manual transmission.  A little red VW Bug.  I know the trials and tribulations of trying to balance the clutch and the gas, especially while at a stop on a hill, knowing that if I didn’t get it right I’d end up rolling into the car that pulled up too close behind me.

In other news…

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Harpers Ferry

(Jamming in the bar. Harpers Ferry, WV. September 2007)

We began our trip back east by going to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Why Harpers Ferry, you ask?

Why not?

Usually we take a northern route, stopping in State College (or thereabouts) to spend the night and continuing our trip the next day. As it happened, Penn State had a football game that weekend and finding a hotel room within a two hour drive of State College was impossible. M had the brilliant idea to head south instead.

Heading south put us at Harpers Ferry in about the same time period it takes to drive to State College from the Bogs. I’m glad M came up with the idea. I enjoyed visiting Harpers Ferry and would like to go back again someday to do a little more hiking in the area.

We arrived in Harpers Ferry around 6:00 or so in the evening. After checking into our hotel, we went into town to have dinner and maybe a beer or two. It was the strangest thing. Almost all of the bars and restaurants were closed. On a Friday evening!

I was worried that we’d gotten ourselves into another Johnstown experience. A few years ago we visited Johnstown, Pennsylvania, taking M the Younger with us because he was doing a paper for school about the Great Flood of 1889. Johnstown is a small city and should’ve been teeming with people since it was a weekday, yet we saw very few people. The town had a ghostly feel to it. 2,200 people were killed in that flood. I suppose that could account for the eerie feeling. We all picked up on it. M the Younger made a comment about it being a Stephen King kind of town.

Harpers Ferry had a similar feel that evening, with everything closed and even the lights in the houses of the neighborhoods we drove through weren’t on. It was as if everyone picked up at once and left town.

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This, that, and some other things

(The damage. September 2007)

It’s good to be home, but my home is a mess. Disorganized, dirty, and looking a lot like a dump.

I was behind in the housework before we left for our recent trip back east. I’d been concentrating on preserving the harvest for the winter months. It’s time to start concentrating on the Fall Clean Sweep and getting the house ready for the winter months.

M the Elder seems to think we’ll have snow in about four weeks time. It’s not unheard of in these parts. I’m not sure it will snow quite that soon, but I would like to have most of the fall cleaning done while I can still open the windows and air the place out.

The kittens don’t seem to have missed me very much. M the Younger kept them company. They appear to be happy and content. One of the things on my long list of things to do before winter hits is take the kitties to the vet. They need shots and spayed. I’d hoped to have their shots taken care of before this, but M the Younger’s auto accident makes it difficult to get around since the three of us are now trying to share one car.

I hope he finds a suitable and affordable car soon.

I’ve been sorting through the photos when I take a break from cleaning. I should start posting a few from our trip soon. In the meantime, Izzy and Bella want to say a hello.

(Don’t continue on if you’re sick of kitty photos.)

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We’re home!

(Bella.  September 2007)

We’re home.

It’s good to be back.

More to follow when I’m caught up with all the things I need to do around here, and I’ve sorted through the millions of photos I took on our trip.

I also want to get caught up on all my blog mates.  If I haven’t dropped in to say hello yet, don’t worry.  I’ll be there soon.

Heading home

We’ll be heading home very soon.

I’m happy to report it’s been a successful trip, all in all.  A big thank you to those who sent out thoughts and prayers.  The major (MAJOR) surgery which occurred on Tuesday went well as far as we can tell right now.  Keep those thoughts and prayers going as another family member will be having surgery next week.

M and I managed to fit in a little fun during the trip.  We enjoyed Harpers Ferry (and would like to go back someday), and the day at the Jersey shore was sublime.

Photos and more details will follow when we settle back in at home.

Plans are made to be changed

(Last night’s sunset)

We’ve been having some beautiful weather this week. The sunsets have been amazing. One of these days I’ll get up early enough to check out the sunrise. I think M and I are still making up for the sleep deficit we accumulated while living in Sabbaticalville.

Looks like some of our original plans may be back in action. M the Younger has found a ride to and from classes so that rids us of the need to rent a vehicle for the trip.

As of this moment (it could change in the next moment), we’re leaving tomorrow to go to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. We’ll spend the night there and then hopefully go to New Jersey to stay with my brother and his family. Then it’s off to the beach with them on Sunday (weather permitting).

Monday we’ll be where we need to be to help out family members. Everything from that point on depends on how the surgery goes and how much we’re needed.

If I have time and we have access to free wireless, I’ll post when I can. Otherwise, see you all around the 22nd.

Shortly after that, I’ll be making some major changes in my lifestyle.  It’s time to get healthy and stay healthy.

Have a great week!

The drama llama always comes in 3’s

(Bella, curled up next to Izzy, sound asleep and behaving herself for a change. As if you don’t know, Photo by Robin. September 2007)


We have some drama in our lives these days. I don’t want to air all of the family laundry in great detail. Instead, I’ll be a little sketchy about it.

M the Younger was in a car accident today. It was bad enough that the airbags deployed. He’s okay, except for a headache and sore back. The car will not survive.

His mother (that would be me) will also survive in spite of the hour or so of panic when she didn’t know what was going on. I guess a mom is a mom, no matter how old the children. The worry never stops.

He’s taking the GRE’s (Graduate Record Examination) early tomorrow morning. Usually M the Younger is great at tests. I don’t know if the accident will shake him up too much or not.

We were planning to leave here on Friday morning to go back east. The original plan was to go to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (just the two of us), then go to the Jersey shore with my brother and his wife, visit with my family for a day or two, visit with his family for a day or two (including a canoe trip on the Susquehanna River), head to Sabbaticalville to pick up the rest of our stuff, and come home.

Now that the LB totaled his car, we’re rethinking some of our plans. He needs a car to go to classes so it’s likely we’ll end up renting a vehicle for our trip and leaving him our car. In a way, this works out for us because I’m not entirely sure we can get the rest of our things into our car. We can rent a mini-van and that will take care of it. However, that will change when we leave because it will cost us a ridiculous amount more to have the car or mini-van for more than a week.

As it also turns out, there are some upcoming surgeries in M the Elder’s family that coincide with our visit. We just found out about it. The circumstances aren’t good. The surgeries aren’t good. The timing is good in that we’ll be there to help out. That also changes the fun part of the trip.

As I told M the Elder, it’s probably good (in the long run) that all these things happened when they did. (Well, okay, we could’ve done without M the Younger’s accident!) It’s placed us where we need to be to help out.

We can reschedule the fun for another time.