South Street

(Mural on or near South Street. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

From the Italian Market we went to see J’s new apartment. It’s not far from the Italian Market or South Street, yet it seems to be a nice, quiet little neighborhood. J’s apartment isn’t bad. I think once she has her orange paint in place, some repairs made, and the cleaning done, it’ll look fab. I’d like to see it once she finishes the painting.

After the apartment tour, we went to South Street where J gave us a tour of what used to be a pretty happenin’ place. It still is to some extent, but the moving in (and then out again) of chain businesses has changed the make-up of it somewhat. Still and all, it’s a very interesting part of Philadelphia, with plenty of things to do and see. I’d like to see it sometime at night. Maybe a Friday or Saturday night. I bet people watching would be a blast.

Here are a few photos from our stroll on South Street:

(Street sign. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Working in the heat. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Shop on South Street. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Lion at the yoga bookstore. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

This brought back some childhood memories:

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(The Fillmore Box Office. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Photo by Robin. July 2007)

We had lunch at Mama’s Grill on South Street. I was the only one of the three of us to have spotted it early in our walk. J thinks I conjured it up, as if by magic. I suspect M and J didn’t believe me about the place until we found it.

I noticed it because of the sign they had on the sidewalk with a picture of a falafell on it. J is vegetarian. M is mostly vegetarian. And I hope to become vegetarian again once we leave this land of temptation where excellent hoagies and cheesesteaks are easy to find. Having stored the bit of information on the sign, I suggested we go back and check out the place when we were trying to come up with where to go for lunch.

Mama’s Grill is kosher, Israeli food. M and I had the turkey shawarma sandwiches. J had the sabbich (? not sure I spelled that correctly but it’s eggplant) sandwich. The sandwiches come in pitas, and there’s a wide variety of toppings to pick from. I had the pickled cabbage, tomatoes, hummus, hot sauce, tahini, Israeli salad, onions, and pickled lemons in mine. Delicious!! I think M went pretty plain (cabbage, tomatoes, onions). I’m not sure what all J had in her sandwich, but I do know she had beets and pickles in there somewhere.

The service was fast and excellent. We had questions about some of the food and drinks. The guy who waited on us was friendly and helpful. Sometimes that’s hard to find in the service industry these days.

After our yummy lunch, we decided it was time to head back to Sabbaticalville. M had to go to work since he’s still wrapping things up there before we leave on Monday.

J walked us to the Market Street East station where we caught the R2 back to Claymont almost right away.

Thanks to J for once again being a FAB and BRILL hostess. We enjoyed our visit, even if it was a little too short.

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