Wrapping things up

M and I went to New Jersey for the weekend to visit with my family. My sister and her husband had their summer party on Saturday. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of drink, and lots of fun.

The weather was hot and sticky, pretty much typical of what the weather has been since summer rolled in and decided to stay for a while. There was some rain, but it didn’t dampen the party or anyone’s spirits. In fact, most people stayed out and played in the rain, getting cooled off and having fun.

M and I went early so we could spend some time with my parents before the party. This is our last visit before we move back to the Bogs. I’m going to miss the monthly visits. It was nice being so close by. I’m hoping all the visits have encouraged family members to start making a few visits out to the Bogs.

We were supposed to go the shore on Sunday, but the weather didn’t cooperate or permit. We ended up spending the day at my brother’s house, relaxing, eating, and getting caught up on life. I enjoyed it. A big thanks to M & K for the sleeping accommodations, and to K for the fab food.

Last Tuesday M and I went out to Longwood Gardens for what I hope wasn’t the last time. We’re hoping to go at least one more time before the big move. We’re also making plans to come back here for the occasional visit so we can see the gardens during the different seasons. Our passes are good for a year. Might as well use them.

(Tree draped in red. Longwood Gardens. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Longwood Gardens. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Longwood Gardens. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(One of the Longwood Gardens cats. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

We wandered over to the Idea Garden while we were at Longwood. I took lots of photos and left with lots of Ideas.

(Idea garden. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Idea garden. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

(Idea garden. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

I could spend the day posting photos, but I won’t. M and I have lots of plans for our last week here in Sabbaticalville. We’ll be eating out for most of our remaining meals here, something that serves two purposes. One, we don’t want to have a lot of food in the apartment during out last week because we don’t want to have to haul it home. Two, there are a lot of restaurants we haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Tomorrow the plan is to go into Philly to visit the Reading Terminal Market, the Italian market, and to meet up with a friend if she has the time to have lunch or something with us. Even though we have no plans to buy food, it’s nice to just walk around both of those places. I’m particularly excited about seeing the giant cheeses once again.

On Thursday the Salvation Army guys will be coming to take away the furniture in our apartment.  We’re hoping they take it all.  That means we have a lot of emptying and packing to do over the next few days.  We’ll be spending the weekend sitting on the floor or the camp chairs, provided those guys haul most of this stuff away.

Next Monday we head home.

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