Way behind

I really need to get caught up here at the Bogs blog. M and I have been so busy that I might have to give up on providing detailed entries, post a few photos, and be done with it.

The problem with that is this has become my journal of our adventures. It’s nice to have the details to look back on, especially after a few years go by. Memories tend to get a little fuzzy around the edges, and around the details.

I guess I’d better get to it, then.

Back to the Brandywine Battlefield.

(Ring House from the back. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

The Ring House is known as Washington’s Headquarters. I don’t think I need to explain why. As with Lafayette’s Quarters, the person for whom the house is named only spent one night there. If you know anything about the Battle of Brandywine, you know that this was where George Washington more or less blundered, thinking the British would be crossing the Brandywine River at Chadd’s Ford. The British fooled him, went north, and outflanked Washington and his troops. By the time Washington figured it out, it was too late. The British won that battle, but as we all know, lost the war.

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