Because you searched for it: Amish laundry day photos

I know I said I’d be back today with more photos from the Tyler Arboretum. Promises, promises. Or threats, as the case may be. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be more in the mood for it.

I’m having an off day. I have succumbed to the heat and have spent the day languishing in a melodramatic way.

Heat brings out the melodrama in me. It also makes me ill. But I’m certain my readers don’t wish to hear about that. The details are not terribly exciting anyhow.

One of the popular searches lately here at Life in the Bogs is for Amish laundry day photos. Regular readers might have seen these photos before and be disappointed in the repeats. In my defense, I’m having an off day (mentioned above) and languishing ladies behaving melodramatically should not have to explain themselves.

Besides, it’s my blog and I like doing this kind of entry.

(Photo by Robin. 2006)

(Photo by Robin. 2006)

(Photo by Robin. 2006)

I don’t know why people are searching for Amish laundry day photos. I’m very curious about it. If you’re one of the people ending up here due to a search for Amish laundry day photos, perhaps you’ll leave me a little comment letting me know why you’re searching for them.

That way I’ll have something to think about as I continue to languish in the heat.

(Thanks to Biz for reminding me of languishing. Please send smelling salts.)

It might be time for a trip back to Amish country for some new photos. The laundry photos I took above are from a visit in December and they’re drive-by shootings (I took the photos as we were driving by) so they’re not the best. It would be nice to ride a bicycle around Lancaster county so I could stop whenever I wanted and take lots and lots of photos. There’s a lot of gorgeous scenery in Lancaster county. And a noticeable lack of power lines on some of the back roads.

While I’m at it, might as well air my clean laundry. It’s a favorite of mine and reminds me of home and cooler days.

14 Comments on “Because you searched for it: Amish laundry day photos”

  1. Sue says:

    I did the search for amish laundry because I would like to paint a scene of it for my sister for Christmas. I live in Lancaster County and love to see how they hang their laundry and now my sister has the same set up for her laundry.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks, Sue, for letting me know why you were searching for it.

    I love the way they hang their laundry, too. I’d really like to have that kind of set up for mine, but don’t think it would work (no tree, barn or other building to hook it up to).

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi, I did the search for Amish Laundry, after visiting Lancaster County, becasue I want to put up the same system at my house. Why more people do not have this system I do not know. Need to see the pictures to copy the set up. Thanks and I hope you get your bike ride.

  4. DAWN HAMBY says:

    I live in Lawrenceburg ,TN we have an Amish community here.I love to visit there part of our county due to it being so peaceful . It is a joy to see a family come together as a whole in what ever they do. Weither it be planting a corn field, selling what goods they have grown or made or doing laundry. Besides hanging out your laundry does cut cost down and helps you to slow down a bit.

  5. Donna says:

    A couple of years ago, I was taking side roads from Ohio to Pennsylvania and was impressed by the sights of the Amish laundry day. That was a Monday and I was searching here to see if there is a specific laundry day–is it always Monday? Nice pictures.

  6. Joel May says:

    I read a book titled “Better Off” and was looking for a mechanized washing machine.

  7. Lisa Meissner says:

    I was searching for Amish Laundry because I was hoping to see an explanation for the Amish using public laundry mat in Intercourse, PA.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for letting me know why, Lisa. Sorry I didn’t have the answers.

      Were they young Amish? Church rules are relaxed during adolescence, until they are baptized.

  8. Erin says:

    My mom’s from Amish Country in Pennsylvania, and I was writing something about when she grew up. I needed a picture for my poem, Thanks!

  9. Cindy says:

    I’m looking for pictures to hang in a laundry room – I visit Lancaster, PA quite often

    • Robin says:

      Thank for letting me know, Cindy. That seems to be a common reason for searching for pics of Amish laundry.

      I’m thinking of hanging mountain or beach scenes in my laundry room. I look at enough laundry while I’m there. 😉

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