A visit with Emma

M and I went to Mansfield today to meet up with the Exquisite Emma and her parents.

It was a fun visit which I’ll write all about, with photos, when we return to Sabbaticalville. I don’t have the little cord I need to upload photos with me and even though I’m no longer posting clear photos of Emma, I’d like to do this post with pictures.

So you’ll have to wait to find out what we did.

The weather here in the Bogs has been heating up. It was about 92 degrees today. It’s cooler than Sabbaticalville which made it to 94 degrees. A glance at the weather coming up this week has us considering staying in the Bogs one extra day. It’s supposed to get up to 97 on Tuesday in Sabbaticalville. Being in a 5th floor apartment without much in the way of air conditioning is not appealing, especially when we have the option of staying here where it will be slightly cooler and we have central air conditioning if we need it.

M was outside walking around the pond this evening and saw something that looks like this:

(Photo from enature.com)

It’s a mink. I never expected we’d see a mink in the wild. Don’t ask me why I thought that.  I just did, for no reason that I can explain.

The good news is that the mink’s preferred prey is the common muskrat. We have trouble with muskrats digging their burrows into the dam of the pond (undermining the dam).  We usually have a trapper come around every year during trapping season to trap the muskrats.  He does it free of charge since we let him take the muskrats (presumably he wants them for the pelts).

For those that think muskrats are all about love (as in Muskrat Love), they’re not.  They’re large rodents.  Given enough time and the freedom to do so, they’d weaken the dam to the point where the pond would end up in the neighbor’s yard.  We’ve taken some action to prevent them from digging (putting fencing down in the water so they can’t dig through the dam), but haven’t had the time (or money) to protect the entire dam yet.  The best method of dealing with them for now is trapping, or letting the minks (if there be minks) eat them.

4 Comments on “A visit with Emma”

  1. […] M and I went to Mansfield today to meet up with the Exquisite Emma and her parents. It was a Read full story… […]

  2. Alto2 says:

    A mink? I’ve never seen one in the wild either. On my mother’s back, sure, but not out in nature. Glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with Miss Emma.

  3. English Nutter says:

    A mink? How exciting. 🙂

    I’m glad your visit with Emma was fun. I’m sorry you won’t be posting clear pictures anymore, because I love seeing her, but I understand why.

    I don’t understand that top note. What’s that all about? Not that it’s any of my business. Just nosy.

  4. Robin says:

    It’s some kind of pingback. Whatever that is. LOL!

    It means someone posted a link to this post.

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