Is there a name for a dry bog?

Probably desert.

We need some rain here in the Bogs. The pond is about six inches or so lower than normal, leaving us with a bank of mud and hardening mud. It’s difficult to get the paddle boat in the water when it’s this low. Lest you think I want to float around in a leisurely manner on the pond, the paddle boat serves another (and useful) purpose. It churns things around, oxygenating the water. The pond is in need of a good churning.

This hot and dry weather has been good for the weeds that are growing around the edges of the pond. We’ll have to get out there and take care of those soon so they don’t turn the pond into a meadow. The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be any algae or duckweed. Hurray for that!

Our trees are surviving well so far, too.  We may have to rig up something for the copper beeches we brought back and planted during our last visit.  They were pricier than the 100+ seedlings we planted last year and worth the extra effort.

The cleaning is coming along slowly and surely.  I managed to get the worst of it out of the way today.  The rest will be relatively easy in comparison.  I’d tell you all about it, but I don’t want to overly embarrass my youngest son (even if he might be deserving of a little embarrassment due to his sloppy habits).

Today I got my hair cut.  I went to a place that’s new to me.  M the Elder has been getting his hair cut there for years, but I avoided it because I always find it difficult to switch hair salons.  However, I have not been happy with my last two cuts.  I’m tired of bad to mediocre cuts so it was past time I moved, with fingers crossed in hopes that I wouldn’t be paying more for another bad cut.

I’m happy to say my hair looks FAB.  The woman that cut it, Dianne, is brilliant.  Simply brilliant.  She was worth the extra money and I have no qualms at all about going back.  Even better, I know that when I wash it and style it myself it will still look good.  No doubts about it at all.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that about any haircut.

I thought so highly of the woman and the place that I made an appointment for tomorrow morning for a pedicure.  I’m going for the “revitalizing pedicure” as I don’t think I want a hot rock massage when it’s nearly 90 degrees outside.  The revitalizing pedicure is described as cooling.  Perfect for 90 degree weather.

I’d like to get a manicure too, but I better stop the spending with the pedicure.  I can do my own manicure.  I’m not good at taking care of my feet and toes (especially putting on polish).

Listen to me, sounding all girly girl.  I wonder when that happened??

No matter.  The occasional treat is good for the soul, don’t you think?


Home again, home again.

It’s good to be here, in spite of all the things I want to rant at M the Younger about. I keep telling myself that at least the house is still standing and to never mind about the mess, the stinking garbage, and the gross state of some things around here.

I’ll have it all cleaned up and back in order before I leave. I also plan to put M the Younger in some sort of order before I leave because he has to start doing a better job of taking care of the house and property.

Last night fireworks, sadly, didn’t happen for us. We ended up spending our evening in Philadelphia at the train station, watching the rain come down and hoping it would end. It didn’t. At least not while we were there. In fact, it was a deluge by the time we gave up and decided to go home. $17 for the train, about 5 hours of our time, and no fireworks or Hall & Oates concert for us.

I read in the news this morning that Hall & Oates did play for 45 minutes. Around 10:45pm they told people to go home for their own safety because of concerns about the lightning. At 11:30pm, after telling people to go home, they decided to go ahead with the fireworks “for the folks watching at home.” Hmph. I’m not happy with Philadelphia right now, that’s for sure.

The ride home today was one deluge after another. We were following the rain train all the way across Pennsylvania. The mid-life crisis car, our convertible, loves to hydroplane so the trip was made somewhat exciting by that. I could do without that kind of excitement, my travel anxiety growing worse by the year. If this keeps up, in another ten years I’ll have travel everywhere by foot. Peh.

Well, I could sit here and complain. Or I could go outside and watch the fireflies. I just glanced out the window and it looks like they’ll be putting on quite a show tonight.

Who needs fireworks when Mother Nature has provided fireflies?