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The busy life

(E & A’s swimming pool. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

M and I have been pretty busy over the past few days. We spent Friday shopping for the big reunion party on Saturday. A group of folks who used to work for/with M and E (the friend and collegue who brought M here for his sabbatical) all gathered at E’s home for food, fun, and the chance to see who aged well. In my opinion, we all aged well. 🙂

I paid my first visit to Costco on Friday. E and his wife A are members. We decided it would be a good place to stock up on some of the party food as well as beer and wine. I was impressed with Costco. I’ve decided M and I should join when we return to the Bogs. I don’t think M was quite so impressed and sees Costco as just another place to spend too much money. He’s probably right.

Because people were driving in from as far away as Huntington, West Virginia (about a 7 hour trip, I think), we decided we should have plenty of food and plan on feeding people two meals since the party started at noon. For lunch we had a variety of hoagies from PrimoHoagies. The variety included the ever-popular and delicious Italian style; turkey with American cheese; and a fantastic veggie sandwich made with eggplant, broccoli rabe, and roasted red peppers. For dinner we had hamburgers and bratwurst. In addition, there were all kinds of salads (potato salad, coleslaw, pepper slaw, pasta salad), a veggie tray, a cheese tray and crackers, chips and salsa, fruits (grapes and a watermelon we never cut into), and a yummy cheesecake for dessert.

If you’re throwing a party and have a PrimoHoagies near you, I highly recommend them. Their hoagies are fantastic. They use good quality luncheon meats, the provolone is always sharp, and the rolls are freshly baked each day. The PrimoHoagies location I’m most familiar with closes when they run out of rolls and that can sometimes be fairly early in the day if they’ve had a good run of business.

After all the shopping on Friday, E thought we should try out his margarita recipe, just to be sure it was good enough for the party. We’d had one margarita by the time A arrived home from work and from there it turned into the Margarita Evening with the Tequila Gang. It was fun, silly, and resulted in the four of us feeling a little rough the next morning. I’m not sure how many recipes we tried out, but they were all pretty tasty. E makes a good margarita, that’s for sure.

The reunion was a blast. The only thing we really overindulged in was food. We had WAY too much food. However, in our defense, we started with a head count of 22-24 and last minute cancellations resulted in an actual attendance of about 13 or 14. The good news is that neither E and A nor M and I will need to do any grocery shopping for a while.

It was wonderful spending time with old friends and coworkers again. For E, it had been about 20 years since he’s seen some of those people. M and I left West Virginia about 7 years ago so it hasn’t been quite so long for us. It was agreed that we have to do this again without waiting so long the next time.

On Sunday we took one of the party guests to the Philadelphia airport to catch her flight home. M and I decided that as long as we were in Philly we might as well do something in the city. We started with a late (noontime) breakfast at Little Pete’s.

(Little Pete’s. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

Little Pete’s, I’m told, is something of an institution in Philadelphia. It’s a great place for a fast and decent breakfast that’s apparently popular with the after-party crowd. M and I both had omelets which came with home fries and toast. The food was good and plentiful without going overboard, the service was speedy, and the price was cheap (about $14 for the two of us).

(Inside Little Pete’s. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

After breakfast we strolled around the neighborhood for a few minutes, making our way back to our car.

(Somewhere on 16th Street, near Locust, in Philadelphia. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(Philadelphia sights. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(Philadelphia neighborhood. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

After our stroll we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a culture-filled afternoon. I’ll post a few photos from that adventure sometime tomorrow. Right now I need to get off this computer and make myself at least semi-useful in life.