(Sailboat in Havre de Grace. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

We’re going through a lull here in Sabbaticalville. Routine, everyday life. I get up, go to the gym, throw in a load of laundry (if it isn’t Monday aka Mormon Laundry Day), clean whatever needs cleaning in the apartment, go for a walk, watch a soap opera or two, read, sit on the patio and read for a while, shop if needed, pack a few things, make dinner or get ready to go out for dinner, etc., etc.

M gets up, does some yoga or tai-chi, has breakfast, checks his work email, gets ready and goes off to work for the day, comes home, has dinner, checks his work email again, etc., etc. He has a long day, trying to keep up with both his sabbatical research and the goings-on at the med school that he still has to take care of while on sabbatical.

My back and hip have been bothering me for the past few weeks. I found myself limping again last night. Not a good sign. I decided to skip the gym this morning and try a 30-minute yoga workout instead. It didn’t work miracles but it did work wonders. I think all the walking I’ve been doing is tightening up my hips. The yoga warmed, loosened, and stretched out my muscles in ways that were badly needed.

The past couple of days have been hot, hot, hot. A cool front moved through early this morning, bringing a little relief (80’s instead of 90’s for a high). I enjoyed listening to the rain and the cooler air is pleasant.

Well, I’m rambling about the weather again which means I have nothing of substance to say.

M just phoned to say he’s leaving work early. We might go out to Valley Forge and have a look around. I’m pretty sure I went to Valley Forge on a school field trip when I was a kid, but I don’t remember anything about it. It’s funny how I didn’t appreciate history or any of this stuff when I was a child. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to reexplore this area now that I’m an adult who can and does appreciate learning about the past.

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