All clear

It looks like the last of today’s line of storms has moved through the Bogs.

M the Younger made it home before the storms hit. He said there were some gusty winds throwing around a lot of leaves and small branches, but no major damage.

The important thing is that he’s safe.

I don’t know if the storms will make it here or not. They’ll likely die down going over the mountains in Pennsylvania.

The weather here is hot, hot, HOT.  The humidity is awful.  I’m not looking forward to going out in the heat.

Have a nice weekend!  🙂


Tornado warning issued in the Bogs, not far from our home. Funnel cloud sighted.


Hoping to hear from M the Younger soon.

Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Tornado Warning:

Issued at: 3:21 PM EDT 6/8/07, expires at: 4:00 PM EDT 6/8/07The NWS in cleveland has issued a
tornado warning 

Washington Square Park

What was once a cemetary, an execution sight, and a parade ground?

Give up?

Washington Square Park.

(The Arch. New York. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

This 9.75 acre area became a park in 1828. It’s surrounded by New York University and near Greenwich Village so quite an assortment of people pass through the park. In the southwest corner of the park we passed table after table of ongoing chess games. Just before that was a small dog run (which is small and created for small dogs) where the little dogs can run around while their owners snap at each other.

The Arch, erected in 1885 to commemorate the centennial of George Washington’s presidential inauguration, is located near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Washington Square Park North, and was modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Fifth Avenue traffic used to pass right through it up until 1958.

In the center of the park is the central fountain where a large number of people were gathered, enjoying the day or watching the street performers.

(Street magician performing in the park. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

We spent a little time enjoying the above magician’s performance and then moved on to listen and watch this group:

(Musicians and dancer. New York. Photo by Robin. 2007)

They were pretty good, especially since two of their players have such simple instruments. The guy playing bass had a string and a box, and the washboard player is seated to the right (cut off by the blog). The most complicated instrument there was this guy’s:

(Musicians in the park. New York. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

From Washington Square Park, we made our way to Greenwich Village to take a little stroll around there. We were so close it would’ve been a shame to miss it. I wish I’d taken more photos at the time, but I was busy walking and talking with our friends.

(Greenwich Village. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

The bar to the right in the above photo is called Off the Wagon. As usual, the blog cut off the right side of the photo but you can view it in its entirety by right clicking and viewing the image.

When we finished our little stroll through the Village, we headed back to R’s to relax a bit, wash up, and have a beer before going out to dinner.

(Fifth Ave.  On the walk back. Photo by Robin. 2007)

Coming soon: Dinner and Times Square.

In other news…

I see by the comments this morning that spelt bread is more readily available these days than it was a few years ago. That’s good to know. 🙂

M and I are going to Lancaster overnight.  We’ll be back tomorrow to go to a concert at Longwood Gardens (Gaelic Storm).  Sunday we’re off to NJ to visit with my family.

Be back on Monday!