Sign of the times

(Graffiti on a bridge in Pittsburgh. Photo by Robin. 2006)

I’m lazing around this afternoon, still trying to recover from this cold and stay cool in this heat.

Summertime is moving in, that’s for sure. And upping the ante by throwing in some humidity to spice up the heat.

I need to move further north. I’m not a big fan of heat. Or humidity. Especially humidity. Bring me the cold, the chill, the frosty. Anything but heat and humidity. A pox on global warming.

Last night’s outing was a blast. I probably already mentioned that in the previous post. What I didn’t mention was that the friends we met up with are people I’ve met via the magic of the internet. I know there are folks out there who will think that’s weird. I don’t mind weird (as those who know me well know well). Actually, I might have thought it weird a decade or so ago. But since then I’ve had the opportunity to meet, in real life, people I’ve gotten to know fairly well through online journaling/blogging. It started with a quit smoking support website (the now defunct Quit Smoking Diaries, aka QSD). When QSD died out, some of us (our little core group) moved on to a variety of places until we eventually settled in somewhere else where we still chat pretty regularly. The original group has grown a little, as we’ve had the chance to “meet” and get to know some of the other people who were at the new place before us.

LH and her husband, BD, traveled here from England and are making the rounds of Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. I’ve met LH once before, when M and I were in London. K and her husband live in Philly. I’ve met K before, too. I had not met BD or K’s husband prior to this meeting. I’m very glad M and I were in the area for this visit. We’d have missed it if we’d been in the Bogs.

I know there are some dangerous things about the internet and there are some not-so-nice people out there. I’ve been lucky. I’ve managed to meet some amazing and fabulous people via this medium.

I’m looking forward to the next meet-up, whenever that may be. The Big One is planned for 2009, but I’m hoping there will be some little meet-ups between now and then.

M and I are heading to New York City early tomorrow morning. I’ll be back next week with a report on our fun and adventures in the Big Apple.

2 Comments on “Sign of the times”

  1. English Nutter says:

    I’d be in a major sulk by now, if it wasn’t for the fact I’m hugely involved in The Big One. 🙂 I’m glad you all had a great time together. What a fab bunch you all are. 😀

  2. Kel says:

    i have made many friends via the internet and then connected with them in person when the opportunity arose – this weekend was one example

    so i can relate to your finding that you can develop real relationships online

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