Bits & Pieces: What a difference

View of the pond in April:

View of the pond, a month later, over Memorial Day weekend:

(Photos by Robin. 2007)

I forgot to take a photo right before we left to come back to Sabbaticalville. I wish I had because everything was looking much better after all the work M the Elder did around the property. Plus a good rainfall greened things up even more.

It’s really heating up in Sabbaticalville. The high is supposed to be around 90 today. We’ve rigged up the small window fan in the bedroom doorway in order to move the air conditioned air out into the living areas. So far, it seems to be working.

I caught a cold while we were home. I got hit with full-blown symptoms on Monday morning. It’s been steadily getting worse and I’m feeling pretty miserable. Having a cold is bad enough. Having a cold during a heatwave really sucks.