Who needs a gym …

… when you’ve got a yard? Or, more precisely, when you’re got 8 acres of property that needs to be cared for?

Holy Hannah, I’m tired. M the Elder and I have been outside for a few hours this morning, doing manual labor. My arms feel like rubber. I don’t believe I could lift the hoe one more time even if someone offered me a great sum of money to do so. I might could do it to save a life, but not for much less than that.

I’ve spent most of my time out there weeding around the lavender I planted last year. There are only five lavender plants. There must have been a million weeds. Not good odds for the lavender. Most of the weeds consisted of crab crass and man oh man, is that stuff hard to pull. Hence the hoe. It’s an old, heavy hoe. Works like a charm but it’s hard on the arms.

My knees aren’t used to all this kneeling. My thighs and other lower extremities aren’t used to all this squatting. I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow. It’s a good thing I’ll be spending most of the day riding in the car.

I’m taking a bit of a break right now. Drowning myself in iced tea and cooling off in the air conditioning. M is on a mission to pick up some mulch from the back of the property where we keep the mulch pile. I’m hoping it will take him a while to get there and back. I’m in no hurry to go back out there. Manual labor is HARD.

(Note to self: Stop whining about it. It’s probably a better workout than you get at the gym.)

The deerflies are out and about. That always makes for great fun (and great welts). Fortunately there aren’t many of them out there yet. Plus they’re very slow movers. Easy to swat and kill. I can’t say I feel bad about killing them. Their bites really hurt and I’m obviously allergic. You should see the way I swell up when one of them sinks their fangs into me.

We’re thinking about going for a swim in the pond later. I left my bathing suit in Sabbaticalville, having taken it with me the last time we made a trip home. I’m not sure what I’ll wear to swim in. Armor, maybe. I’ve seen a few snapping turtles hanging around the pond. Have you ever taken a good look at the jaws of a snapper? I wouldn’t want one of those attached to any part of me.

Maybe I’ll just watch M while he swims.

We had a lovely dinner with M the Younger and his girlfriend last night. After dinner we went to New Baltimore for ice cream. They make their own ice cream at the ice cream shack in New Baltimore. Good stuff. After we returned home, we watched “Arrested Development” (one of the pharmacists I worked with loaned it to me and the kids wanted to watch it) for a little while. Then M the Younger and Girlfriend made cookies. The triple chocolate fudge brownies and the ice cream from New Baltimore were not enough, I suppose. It’s a wonder they didn’t go into sugar shock.

It’s darkening up out there. Looks like it might storm again. I’d better get outside and grab the laundry off the clothesline. It’s been so warm and windy today that it’s likely dry by now.

Ugh. Too late. The rain is pouring down upon us. That’s what I get for blogging instead of working.

My new word of the day (brought to me by my intelligent husband):  Petrichor.  I didn’t know there was a word for that.