A storm is rolling through, thunder rumbling and lightning flashing. Given how low the pond is, I’d say it’s going to need to rain for a while to make up for the precipitation deficit. The birds seem to be enjoying the wet weather, playing and preening in the rain.

M has finished mowing about half of the property. I’m sure this rain will have the grass sprouting to new heights overnight. We’re both going out to do some hard labor tomorrow. I’ve been cleaning house (again!) while M has been working outside. Now that the house is cleaned as good as it’s gonna be for now, I can go out and help M with the yard work.

M the Younger and his girlfriend will be joining us for dinner tonight. We’re grilling tuna steaks (with blackened seasoning and a lime-soy sauce). I’ve made all sorts of salads to go with it (coleslaw, potato salad, and a pasta salad).

I was hoping we’d somehow fit in a visit with the Exquisite Emma and her parents but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be. They’re in Michigan, visiting with Emma’s other set of grandparents, and won’t be back until Monday. We’re heading back to Sabbaticalville on Monday.

The lightning is putting on an awesome show right now. A little too close for comfort. Time for me to shut down the computer.

The hair is OK

The New Girl did ok. I washed, dryed and styled my hair this morning and found it was not the disaster I feared it might be. All I need now are some purple highlights and life will be good.

Lesson learned. No more hair cuts by the New Girl. Any New Girl. Like Alto2 who commented on my last entry, I learned that lesson a long time ago when it comes to medical care. But I have had my hair cut and styled by a New Girl before and it was a good experience. Based on that, I was willing to give this newest New Girl a try. I might be getting too old and too picky to give the next New Girl the benefit of the doubt. A bad hair cut/style is not an easy thing to live with, even if it isn’t the end of the world.

My thanks to those of you out there who did a little rain dance. The rain arrived today. We had a few showers early in the afternoon. There’s a nice, steady rain coming down now. It’s part of a cold front bringing cooler temperatures. It’ll be nice to get out of the high 80’s – low 90’s.

I went for a walk around the pond today. It’s a jungle out there, rain or no rain. I took lots of photos, but won’t be able to post any until we’re back in Sabbaticalville. I forgot to bring the doohickey that hooks up the camera with the computer in order to upload the pictures.

M the Younger has been keeping up with things outside as best he can, but it really requires daily work by more than one person to truly keep up with it all. I expect to become even more involved with outdoor work when our sabbatical adventures are over and we move back. Our visits to Longwood Gardens have given me lots of ideas. Ambitious ideas that will need to be toned down since I don’t have a large staff to help me transform some of the land into a marvelous garden.

I should wrap this up. I’ve been sitting here staring out the window, watching the raindrops on the water and the fog gathering and drifting across the pond. It’s quite a mesmerizing sight. I’d show it to you, but… you know… I forgot to bring the doohickey with me.

Spotted out front this evening, on the ground under one of the maples:

The Common or Northern Flicker.   Photo borrowed from All About Birds (where you’ll also find a description).