Chillin’ in the much needed rain

(Borrowed from The Weather Channel)

Storms moved through today. We needed some rain. The pollen counts have been high, and the weather has been hot and humid. The rain is part of a cold front that will cool things off a little bit.

In case the radar isn’t impressive enough, here’s a little glimpse of what moved through:

(Storm front. Photo by Robin. May 2007)

The rain and wind were pretty impressive, but not nearly as impressive as what we get in the Bogs. Probably just as well. Some of those Bogs storms scare the bejesus out of me.

As it is, I went and sat in the lobby for the first round of rain because I tend to get a little paranoid when it comes to storms. That’s a residual effect of having experienced a tornado up close and way too personal. I’m better about storms than I used to be, but I still like being near the ground when the daytime sky turns dark, the wind starts whipping, and the rain comes down in sheets.

Better safe than sorry.