Hot and breezy

That pretty well sums up today’s weather here in Sabbaticalville.

I spent part of this afternoon sitting on the patio, enjoying the sun (with appropriate sunscreen slathering, of course) and the breeze. I also finished reading Good Omens, a book I found hysterically funny in spots. I highly recommend it unless you’re easily offended by jokes about Armageddon, fussy angels, and fast-living demons. It’s a fast and funny read, great for the beach or sitting around on patios on a hot and breezy day.

Without further ado or a decent segue, your daily Longwood Gardens photos:

(Longwood Gardens. Photo by Robin. May 2007)

(Close-up in the gardens. Photo by Robin. May 2007)

Iron Hill Brewery is brewing today.  The scent of cooking wort is wafting in the windows of the apartment.  It smells good at first, but after a few moments the good ceases to be and it reminds me of the smell of the ethanol plant that was down the road from us in southern Ohio.

Time to start slicing and dicing. We’re having a vegetarian Thai-style stir-fry for dinner tonight. Yum.  That ought to improve the smells around here.

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