You’ve been spared

(Bank on High Street. Photo by Robin. May 2007)

I had another rant/whine written and ready to post.

Then I went to visit Grace-full Thoughts, a blog I visit regularly, and clicked on a link I found there and the next thing you know I was laughing. All it takes is for one little laugh to sneak in and before you know it, the laugh has ruined a perfectly grumpy mood.

So, I’ll skip the rant/whine other than to say I had another sleepness night due to a lack of volume control on the noise around here. Instead, I will tell you the reason I laughed.

My very own peculiar aristocratic title:

Her Exalted Highness Duchess Robin the Surpised of Giggleswick under Table

Feel free to shorten that to Her Exalted Highness when addressing me in person.