The noise is killing me

(Borrowed from The Original Noise Busters.)

No, I’m not talking about the voices inside my head. Not that I have voices inside my head, but I thought I’d better preempt any of you smart-asses out there before someone thinks to make that comment.

The noise here in Sabbaticalville is awful! I knew it was noisy before we took our all-too-brief trip back to the Bogs, but lordy, lordy…not this noisy! There are a few good reasons for that lack of immediate knowledge of our noise situation.

One is that I welcomed and enjoyed the peace and quiet of being in the Bogs where it’s not all peace and all quiet all the time. However, I’m used to the frogs and the birds and the wind.

The other reason is we were still experiencing winter temperatures in Sabbaticalville when we left. The windows were closed most of the time. It was noisy. Just not as noisy as it is now that we’ve opened the windows to keep from roasting in the apartment.

(What noise looks like. Borrowed from here.)

I’m going to go insane. And then I will be hearing voices in my head. Heh.

Sirens, drunks, crazies, buses, trucks, cars screeching, honking, or without mufflers. Motorcycles or souped-up cars that roar. The street cleaner rolls out about 2am, leading the parade of drunks when the bars close. The garbage trucks start making the rounds at 4am.

I haven’t slept well in at least 2 days.

But the very worst of all is what’s going on right now. On the second floor of the building there’s a patio which I think is referred to as a place where you can sit back, put your feet up, and relax in the brochures and on the official website. They haven’t yet put the patio furniture out (something M and I have been wondering about). I know why it’s not out yet.

Power cleaning. That’s why. Right now someone is out there with a power cleaner that sounds like a cross between a jackhammer and a sandblaster cleaning the deck. The noise stopped around noon. Silly me, I thought that meant they were finished out there. Nope. It must have been lunchtime. And lunch break is over.

What amazes me is that the Mexican kid out there doing the work (there are a lot of Mexican kids here in Sabbaticalville doing the scut work) is doing so without any kind of ear protection that I can see. I hope he at least has some of those small plugs in his ears. He really ought to be wearing those big, padded headphone looking things. That noise has got to be pretty high up on the Noise Thermometer. About 120 decibels, I’d guess.

I suppose people get used to this racket (as in clamor and confused clattering of noise) in the same way I adjusted to our country noises. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this. Thank goodness I don’t have to, this being a temporary situation and all.

Ahhhh…at last. Peace.

One good thing about the violent sounds of the power cleaner: Now that it’s stopped, the trucks and buses don’t sound so loud.

I leave you with a moment of Zen:

(Sunset in Sabbaticalville.  Photo by Robin.  April 2007)