Spring has sprung

(Gay Street in spring. Photo by Robin. April 2007)

Finally! Spring is here. No snow, no ice, and we’ve even had a good deal of sunshine. Flowers are blooming, trees and grass are greening, and the birds are singing.

The only down side to this is that I seem to have developed allergies in my middle age. I’ve been sneezing for days. I think it’s wrong, just plain WRONG, that I go all my life without allergies and they suddenly show up just a year and a half away from my 50th birthday. Bah! And ah-choo!

As you might have guessed, I am now back on the internet using my own computer. Hooray! I can now post photos again and save myself the trouble of having to come up with some descriptive writing. Ok, so maybe that’s not such a good thing. Prior to getting the digital camera, I got plenty of writing practice. Now it’s pretty much limited to my personal journaling and the little bit I write up to go with the photos I post.

But, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂

It’s been pretty warm here in Sabbaticalville. We had temperatures in the 80’s yesterday and mid-70’s today. Because the apartment gets plenty of sun exposure, it can get pretty warm in here. I don’t mind it so much during the day. We brought back an air conditioner for the bedroom so we won’t have to roast at night.

M the Elder returned from D.C. last night. Much rejoicing! It’s good to have him back.

And that, folks, is about all there is to report on from Sabbaticalville. As the month cranks up, we’ll be doing some more hiking and traveling, making my entries a little less boring (I hope!).  (Note:  I left out the very important word “less” in that last sentence when it was originally posted.  Since I don’t want to intentionally put my readers to sleep with my boring prose about nothing, or look as though I’m fool enough to want to do just that, I think it’s important at this time for me to remind myself to proofread.  At least twice.  BEFORE posting.)