Peaceful Sunday

Things have been relatively quiet here in Sabbaticalville, leaving me without much to write about.  Quiet is good.  Quiet is nice.  Quiet is more enjoyable than I anticipated.

M the Elder will be returning from his trip to D.C. tomorrow.  It’ll be great to have him back.  I miss him.  I always feel a little lost when we’re apart like this, as if half of me is missing.  That said, I’m surprised to admit that I’ve found some enjoyment in this time alone.  Still and all, I’ll be much happier when he’s back.

I’ve watched a few movies, read a few books, and got most of the unpacking done.  The apartment was badly in need of some spring cleaning after being shut up for most of the month.  The dust bunnies were almost as big as the giant bunny I once posted about.

One of the movies I thoroughly enjoyed was Little Miss Sunshine.  I was going to wait until M got back to watch it (he wants to see it), but decided that if it’s as good as all the hype, I wouldn’t mind seeing it twice.  And I won’t.  Mind seeing it twice.

I spent most of yesterday outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather.  I took a walk around town to see what changes spring has brought.  It’s looking pretty colorful in Sabbaticalville now that there are so many different flowers blooming and showing off.

There were lots of people out and about, also enjoying the beautiful weather (I presume).  A lot of the restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes have tables and chairs set up on the sidewalks and they’re not lacking in customers.  I’m going to head over to a local coffee shop when I finish here, find an outside table, and people watch for a while as I sip on some tea.

In fact, that sounds so good I’m going to wind this up and get to it.

2 Comments on “Peaceful Sunday”

  1. English Nutter says:

    I love pavement cafes. Nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon at one.
    Did I miss the giant bunny post? Let me go and see…

  2. English Nutter says:

    Streuth! That’s a massive rabbit! What amused me most is that there is a “British Rabbit Council”. Whoever thought that we would need such a group? I knew that giant rabbits existed because apparently they use them on the Teletubbies, but I had no idea they were a metre long! Crikey. Imagine seeing one of those in your garden!

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