The Club Room

(Sabbatical digs. April 2007)

We’re back in Sabbaticalville. Or rather, I’m back in Sabbaticalville. M the Elder left shortly after we arrived here for a meeting in Washington, D.C. He’ll be back on Monday.

Our trip back was uneventful. We drove as far as State College, PA on Wednesday and finished up the trip yesterday. I’d forgotten how sabbatical and apartment living had turned us into pack horses. It took about an hour to unload the car. Hauling all the stuff we brought back up to the apartment was a good workout.

Side note: If you’re ever in State College, PA and looking for a good breakfast, go to the Corner Room. The selection, food, and service are all excellent. They even have fried sticky buns on the menu if you’re in the mood to truly overindulge.

I know I said I wouldn’t be back online until May 2nd, but I forgot that we have access to a computer and the internet in the Club Room which is conveniently located in the basement of the apartment building. There’s a “business area” set up for folks who want to use the computer. There’s also a kitchen area, a large screen television, a poker table, and a pool table. It’s all free to those of us who live here. I won’t be uploading my photos to this computer (the one posted above of the apartment door was already uploaded at Photobucket), but I think I can manage to write a few entries without photo highlights.

Since I opted not to go to D.C., I have the weekend to myself to do as I please. I miss M. I always feel sort of lost when he’s away, or as if part of me is missing. I’ll probably overindulge in movies, reading, and pizza. Cooking just isn’t much fun when I’m doing it just for myself. That’s a bad attitude, I suppose. I ought to want to cook for myself, don’t you think?

I have two movies to watch: Happy Feet and The Last King of Scotland. I borrowed them from M the Younger. Tomorrow I’m going to the library to borrow a DVD or two from them. I should pick up some popcorn while I’m out. Popcorn always goes well with movies.

I think we may have missed some of spring this year. Spring was just arriving in the Bogs when we left (my last photo of the pond shows the green of leaves starting to pop out of the trees). Here in Sabbaticalville it looks as though most of the flowering trees are just past their peak. I’m going to go out for a walk tomorrow and have a look around. It’s been raining all day today. I don’t mind walking in the rain, but my camera doesn’t care much for the wet stuff and I’d like to take it along to get some new pictures.

I see the exploding soda cans post is still my most popular entry. There are a lot of folks out there doing searches for what happens when cans explode. I can tell you this much: What happens is a big mess. That’s what. But don’t take my word for it. Feel free to try it for yourself.

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