April snow showers

The Lake Erie snow machine has been cranking it out. It’s hard to believe it’s April.

Today’s weather shots:

Amazing, isn’t? It’s still snowing and expected to continue throughout the weekend.

The cold and snow haven’t been very kind to the spring flowers:

And look at this poor daffodil:

Still and all, it’s very pretty outside.

I wonder how much of spring we’ll get to experience while we’re home this month. Snow in April in the Bogs isn’t unusual. We’ve been known to have it as late as the first week or two of May.

One Comment on “April snow showers”

  1. Norm says:

    Ha, ha!!! You got WAY more than us. I’m glad I’m on this side of the lake (Ont).
    Although, a couple of hours drive north-west of here they got dumped on big time. Saw the forecast map tonight and the only warm temps in the US or Canada are out west. Crazy! Bring on the warmth.

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