Assateague (Part 2)

I have lots of photos of the horses so you’ll have to bear with me as I post a few more. Don’t worry. I won’t post all of them.

There are signs posted everywhere which clearly state that the animals are wild and one shouldn’t feed or pet them. They even make a point, clearly underlined, to mention that this includes the horses, followed by at least one exclamation point. As you can see, the parents of these children know how to follow the rules:

After this close encounter, we decided it was time to move along and have at least a glimpse of the ocean before we set out for our hotel in Ocean City. On the way to the beach we met up with another of the small deer:

M managed to get him to look up by asking what he was listening to on his iPod. Smarty.

On the way to the beach:

The dunes:

And finally, on the beach:

One more horse encounter before we move on to Ocean City:

Coming soon: Ocean City.

2 Comments on “Assateague (Part 2)”

  1. […] Up until our visit last week to look at houses, I’ve only been to the Eastern Shore of Maryland once in my life.  It was a drive-through in March of 2007. M and I were on our way to Assateague and Ocean City to spend a cold St. Patrick’s Day weekend at the beach.  (We have a history of spending snowy days at the beach that goes back to when we were dating, and a snowy St. Patrick’s Day in particular is part of that dating history.)  I remember thinking it was a beautiful area, and that it was a place I would love to be able to explore.  There may even have been an “I could see myself living here” type of thought, but I can’t be sure if that is a real memory or one invented by my mind while we were pondering whether or not to make the move.  (If interested, you can find my first post about our 2007 visit to Assateague here.  I was looking a little chubbier in those days.  And no making fun of my hat!  My mother made it for me, and she’s dead now.  I can’t guarantee she won’t pay you a visit in some ghostly form if she finds out you’re making fun of my hat.  Oh, and the glasses.  I’m glad to be rid of those!  Part 2 of that adventure is here.) […]

  2. Richard says:

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