The law of attraction?

The Secret is everywhere (including on the Sunday morning news program I’m half-listening to as I type). The Queen of Television, Oprah, discovered it recently and made it even more popular than it was becoming via word-of-mouth (or, these days, word-of-internet). In case you’ve somehow missed this phenomenon, it’s a movie that purports to tell us The Secret to having everything we want in life. That Secret is The Law of Attraction which is, basically, that you attract what you have in life through the power of your thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive things; negative thoughts attract negative things.

I haven’t seen the film or read the book so I’m not going to review either one. While I believe in the power of positive thinking (and have used it to successfully accomplish things in life), some of what I’ve seen (on Oprah, where else?) about The Secret seems like a bunch of hooey to me, at least in terms of the way it is presented. Positive thinking isn’t a new concept and it looks like The Secret is taking advantage of The Da Vinci Code popularity in the way the filmmakers present the information about The Law of Attraction.

Imagine my surprise when the Law of Attraction came to visit my blog.

After my post regarding spam, I was, well, spammed. 150 comments were identified as spam. The drug dealers were out in force, as most of the spam concerned ordering drugs online. The usual good stuff: Vicodin, Xanax, Prozac, and Valium.

The nice thing about WordPress is that it comes with a neat little widget called Akismet. I’ve been using Akismet, but wasn’t giving it credit. I remedied that today by putting Akismet in the sidebar.

Akismet blocks spam. It seems to do a nice job of it, too. Not one piece of the 150 spams made it into the comments section of my blog. It is stored elsewhere so I can go through it and determine whether or not it’s spam, then delete or de-spam it.

In other news…

M has been working this weekend, running experiments, so it’s been a relatively quiet weekend. I hurt my back on Thursday overdoing it at the gym (no more dead lifts for me!) so I’ve been lounging around, taking drugs, uploading and organizing photos, and catching up on my reading. With the sun shining today, we’re thinking about going for a hike later. One day of lounging around is enough. Time to put my body back in action again before I stiffen up.

I should finish uploading all the Assateague photos today or tomorrow, after which I’ll post a few. That will likely be the last of the photo entries for a while. We’re heading home to the Bogs on April 1st. I’m not taking my computer with me. It’s too bulky to carry back and forth. I will have access to a computer (or computers), but don’t think I’ll bother to upload photos since those aren’t my computers (and I don’t think either one of the M’s would appreciate having their computers clogged up with all my photographs).

More later. 🙂