Friday’s Feast

(Salad for dinner.  Photo by Robin) 

With little to write about these days (other than the weather), I thought it time to try another meme.   This one is brought to your courtesy of Friday’s Feast.

What does the color pink make you think of?

Sunsets, love, warmth, cotton candy, little girls.

Name something you thought you had lost, but later found.

My mind.  And I’m not quite sure about having found it.  Seriously though, I can’t really think of anything.

In 3 words, describe this past week.

Sleepless.  Pain.  Unproductive.

Main Course
What are you obsessed with?

Weight loss.

What kind of perfume or cologne do you like to wear?

I don’t.  Sometimes I’ll spritz myself with some lavender water.  Perfumes tend to give me a headache and make me sneeze. 

3 Comments on “Friday’s Feast”

  1. English Nutter says:

    A very tasty looking salad, that. I’ll be round later. 🙂

  2. Alto2 says:

    Yum! It’s your turn to send me a recipe for something: that salad. I saw artichokes and olives and feta, but I want to know more. Interesting meme, though.

  3. utwou says:

    Now we know a little bit more about you 🙂
    Friday’s Feast looks an interesting blog too. Thanks!
    Alto2:, I don’t think there are any artichokes in this salad, but I can see avocados 🙂

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