Winter’s snow, ice and rain

(Snow storm. Photo by Robin. 2007)

We had a lovely snow storm late yesterday evening. Big fat snowflakes twirled and danced and bumped into each other, coating the trees and roads.

(Snow storm with flash. Photo by Robin. 2007)

Later on the snow turned to ice. Today it all changed to rain, melting away most of the snow and ice from last night.

This tail end of February isn’t quite sure what to give us, more of winter or a taste of spring.

I enjoyed our overnight visit to New Jersey. I have to say that because I know there are family members out there reading, even if they don’t speak up and leave comments! Nah, I don’t have to say it, but it is true. Besides enjoying the company, I was also able to delight in a real shower, with real water pressure and real hot water. The shower in our Sabbaticalville apartment is not a good one. We get very little pressure and the hot water isn’t always reliable. One could be all soaped up and enjoying the trickle of hot water one moment and find themselves shivering in the cold water the next.

I had a difficult time leaving the shower. I wanted to stay and luxuriate in that hot and pressurized wonder for as long as the hot water would last. That will have to wait until we go back to the Bogs as I don’t want to run up anyone else’s gas and/or electricity bills by showering for hours (thereby causing the hot water heater to run for hours).

M took the day off today and we took a little walk around town. We checked out a few of the shops and galleries, then stopped for hot chocolates at Sprazzo (the “gelato, dolci, and espresso bar you see on the corner in the first photo). I’ve avoided going in there until now. I was afraid that once I set foot in there, I’d be going back again and again and again.

I was right. The hot chocolate was wonderful. I had the chocolate raspberry and M had the dark chocolate. Both came with nice dollops of their homemade whipped cream.

I had hoped to lose some weight while we’re on our sabbatical adventure. I don’t think it’s going to happen with so much good food and drink within walking distance. *sigh*

I’ll leave you with a photo of the hot, liquidy, chocolately delicious goodness: