Spring is in the air

(The melting of winter. Photo by Robin. 2006)

The weather is warming up here in Sabbaticalville. We even have sunshine today. Hopefully that will melt the mess of snow and ice on the streets and sidewalks.

The warmer weather is giving me a good case of Spring Fever. I want to put on my hiking boots and go out and saunter around in the woods for a day or two.

The air smells of spring, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Even here in the city.

The photo above, in case anyone is wondering, was taken last year when the pond was thawing. That’s the run-off pipe that empties the extra water into the creek that runs behind our property. It was taken on a day very much like today when the weather was warming up and spring was without a doubt in the air.

I see the weather is warming up in the Bogs, too. It’s not quite as warm as it is here, but the pond will probably start to thaw soon.

I had another encounter with the Sisterhood of the Mormons yesterday morning. M is getting up quite early in the morning to go into work (he’s running experiments this week) and I decided I might as well get up, too.

The gym in the building opens at 6:00am. Since I was up and about, I decided I’d take a load of laundry down to the laundry room and then go to the gym for a good workout while the washer was doing its thing and getting our clothes not-quite-as-clean as my washer at home.

I grabbed the laundry basket, soap, keys, cell phone, and quarters and headed out to the elevators, neither of which came at the beck and call of the buttons. What that likely means is some nimrod didn’t close the gates (somehow missing the huge signs all over the place that read: PLEASE SHUT THE GATE) and the elevators were stuck on the nimrod’s floor. I hiked down the stairs to the basement when, much to my displeasure, I hear a cheery, “Good morning! Are you doing laundry again??”

That cheery sound came from one of the two Sisters (Sister Sophie, I think) who hog the laundry room all day on Mondays by putting in their wash and then leaving for the day. Everyone has to have a nemesis in life, I suppose. I’m beginning to think the small Sisterhood of the Mormons living here in the building are mine.

I somehow managed to keep from blurting out what I was thinking (some smart-ass remark) and mumbled something about how yeah, I was up early and thought I’d take advantage of that by getting a load of laundry done. (What are they? The Laundry Police? Questioning me about my laundry every time I go down there? And, even more importantly, why do these two women irritate me so?)

The Sisters were dressed in workout clothes. They were on their way to, you guessed it, the gym. To use, you guessed it, the only two treadmills in the gym.

And here I was thinking I was way ahead and would have the laundry room and gym to myself. *sigh*

I put the laundry in the washer and then hiked up to the lobby to see where the elevators were. On the third floor, of course. Up I went to the third floor where I found both elevators sitting there with the doors and gates open. I closed the gates, catching one to ride back up to the apartment because my treadmill workout would have to wait until the Sisters finished using the treadmills.

Ah well…such is communal life.

I can answer the question I asked above about why the Sisters irritate me.  I’ve already had one conversion discussion with them.  I realize their religion requires them to go out and save the lost sheep, but I don’t consider myself a lost sheep or in need of saving.  I’ve yet to meet a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints who will take no as a final answer.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be broaching the subject again and that is what irritates me.  Well,  that and the fact that they’re rude enough to leave their laundry sitting in the washers and dryers all day long while they’re out doing their mission thing.