Sunshine & Internet Connections

The sun is shining here in Sabbaticalville today. It looks lovely outside. But a glance at the temperature tells me it’s freezing out there and not quite as lovely as it looks. Nonetheless, I hope to get out there for a walk today. How far I walk will depend on the sidewalks and how much snow and ice are still left out there. From the looks of things up here on the 5th floor, it’s going to be a short walk.

After a short hiatus (a week or two) of slackmongering (I made up that word and have grown rather fond of it), I’m back on track today. I got up bright and early, went to the gym, had a great workout, and even managed to get some laundry started while I was down there (the laundry room and gym are both in the basement).

I beat the Mormons to the laundry room today! Yay! I don’t know if that means anything to my readers or not. I’m not sure I mentioned it here. About two weeks ago I had to spend an entire Monday trying to do two loads of laundry because of a group of Mormons who live in the building. Monday is their laundry day (as the woman pointed out to me this morning when she found I got there before her…hehehehe). The trouble is, they load up all the machines and then leave. For hours. Since I don’t like having to pull out someone else’s undies from the dryers, I had to wait for them to come back which, as it turned out, was most of the day. I was going to give up doing laundry on Mondays, but since I was up so early and all, I decided to go for it. It worked out so well, I think I’ll just start taking a load down with me when I go to the gym in the morning. That’s the sensible and logical thing to do. Nobody else is down there at that time.

Here I am writing about laundry again. Perhaps I should rename the blog: Life in the Laundry Room.

Our internet connection is on the fritz again. Comcast (our cable company) claims it’s the modem. The modem company claims it’s Comcast and that we should have Comcast check the incoming signal. So, we’ve once again scheduled a tech to come out and have a look. He or she will be here on Wednesday. I had a tech here on Friday, but the connection was working fine and dandy while he was here so there was nothing he could do to fix what didn’t appear to be broke. Naturally the connection shut down on us Friday evening and we haven’t been able to get online again until this morning.

We pay far too much money for this. We haven’t had a decent connection to the internet since the snow and ice hit last week (Tuesday night). Someone should do something about the cable companies and their monopolies.

Internet problems aside, M and I had a good weekend. He had to work throughout some of the weekend, getting a grant proposal ready for submission. But he took time out for fun, too. We went to a party on Saturday night. It was a goodbye party for some friends of M’s. He went to high school with them. It was fun. Good food, good beer, good people.

We spent a large part of yesterday afternoon at a local pub so M could access the internet on their free wireless. He had to submit the grant proposal electronically and he couldn’t do it from home. It’s rough, having to sit in a booth by the fireplace, sipping on beer, munching on some excellent crab dip (with artichokes and spinach), while reading a good book as M worked on his grant. I might have to thank Comcast for that.

I’d better get this posted while I can. Who knows how long this connection will last? (I’m guessing it will last until after the tech comes to look at it on Wednesday.)

Thank you for visiting, and for commenting. I hope you'll join me at my new blog home, Breezes at Dawn.

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