Another weather report

I talked with M the Younger this afternoon. The snow is really coming down hard in the Bogs. Current radar:

He also said the sledding is good.

The snow here is kind of wimpy, but at least it’s snow.

Thanks to The Weather Channel for the radar composites.

I took a 30-minute walk around Sabbaticalville this afternoon. Everything really does look lovely in the snow.

The forecast for tonight includes a change over to sleet and ice. I’d much prefer the snow. Sleet and ice may well mean power outages. Back in the Bogs, a power outage isn’t too bad because we have two fireplaces and my stovetop is gas (so heating and cooking are possible). We can’t get water because we have a well with a pump powered by electricity. A large supply of bottled water stored in the basement takes care of that little problem.

But here in Sabbaticalville, living in an apartment, we have no backup for heat. A power outage, over a prolonged period of time, would not be a good thing.

I’m going to keep doing that snow dance in hopes that it remains snow.


It’s snowing here in Sabbaticalville.

It’s not snowing nearly as much here as it is in the Bogs where, rumor has it, they’re getting a goodly amount of the white stuff.

Still, it’s snowing…

It started around 7am this morning and has been coming down ever since. As soon as I get my act together, I’m going out to enjoy it.