The Duckiest Town on the Chesapeake!

(A little history about Havre de Grace. January 2007.*)

After our visit to the Conowingo Dam, M and I made our way to Havre de Grace (“Harbor of Grace”), dubbed The Duckiest Town on the Chesapeake by Southern Living Magazine. Not a bad claim to fame, I suppose. The Havre de Grace website for tourists suggests it earned this title because this small town on the waterfront makes one feel just ducky. I suspect it has more to do with decoys and duck hunting. Havre de Grace is, after all, home of the Duck Decoy Museum.

Our plan was to go to Havre de Grace for lunch, but it was close to 4:00pm by the time we got there. That’s pretty typical of us when we go hiking or birdwatching. We lose track of time. Not that it matters except we only had about an hour of daylight left at that point so we sort of rushed around to see the highlights. We had hoped to take a stroll on the promenade, but the temperature was dropping and we were getting wimpy about the cold at that point (and don’t forget hungry, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast) so we ended up driving around for a quick tour of the highlights.

There’s not a great deal to see in Havre de Grace. What I enjoyed most were the views of the Susquehanna and the Chesapeake Bay.

And the food. We had some great crab cakes at MacGregor’s Restaurant which was on the waterfront. If you ever get to Havre de Grace, give them a try. They’re really good.

Without further ado, the photo tour of Havre de Grace…

(Outlet of the Susquehanna River. January 2007*)

(Chesapeake Bay. January 2007*)

The water was amazingly calm. The sky and water were almost the same color and might have blended together at the horizon line if the land hadn’t been there.

(Concord Point Lighthouse. January 2007*)

(A little lighthouse history. January 2007*)

(Another lighthouse view. January 2007*)

(Havre de Grace after dark. January 2007*)

(The main drag near the waterfront. January 2007*)

It really is a pretty little town. I’d like to go there again when the weather is nicer. M is ready to buy a condo and retire there. I’m all for it.

It doesn’t seem right to leave Havre de Grace without at least one photo of a duck decoy. Decoys were scattered all over MacGregor’s Restaurant. We didn’t make it to the Duck Decoy Museum this time around. Maybe next time.

(Just ducky! January 2007*)

*All photos by Robin.

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