A Mummer a day

(Mummers Parade. Philadelphia, PA. January 2007. Photo by Robin)

This is one of the examples of a joke in the Comics section that I just didn’t notice during the parade. See the truck off to the right.

The Mummers are a Philadelphia working class family institution and tradition. We saw people of all ages and whole families strutting together in the parade. Lots of kids, even those in strollers, were costumed and enjoying the parade. This guy above doesn’t look too happy, though, does he? Not a very cheerful 2007. Or maybe I just caught him at a bad moment (in between smiles).

The Mummers are not without controversy, that’s for sure. The Comic clubs have a history of being politically incorrect. I’m guessing they’ve been rather slow to change when it comes to certain issues, but have nothing to back that up.

Note to Kel: I think last year’s Mummers parade was the first year of corporate sponsorship, but I’m not entirely sure about it. I saw something about the 2006 Southwest Airlines Mummers Parade so I’m assuming that was last year’s parade.

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