(Storm at sunset. June 2006. Photo by Robin)

(Storm approaching. June 2006. Photo by Robin)

Photo Friday‘s theme for this past week is: Weather.

I took these photos last June (and it should be noted that they have not been altered in any way, although I do have one which my youngest son Photoshopped, taking out the neighbor’s house and hiding a DeLorean behind the trees as a small joke). It started out as a series of sunset shots, the sky taking on deep hues of red, orange, and slate blue. Then the clouds and wind moved in, looking like the wrath of the heavens were about to burst over the neighbor’s house. It was one of the most amazing weather sights I’ve seen (and, at times, reminded me of a Stephen King novel). You probably need to see the whole series to truly appreciate it, but these are a good sampling.

I have lots of weather shots in my collection of photos taken over the past year. Weather and nature are two of my favorite subjects. Well, other than my family (especially my lovely granddaughter). I could’ve picked a winter scene which might have been more appropriate for this time of year except that we’re experiencing a warm and sunny day here in WC. Not winter-like at all. I’ll save the snow for another day.

There’s always a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down. ~Don Delillo

2 Comments on “Weather”

  1. MLL says:

    Your photos are always amazing. Do you live in Ohio? I lived in the Cleveland area for 10 years, and my DD currently attends college about 45 min east of Columbus.

  2. whitishrabbit says:

    Great photos.

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