An hour or so

I’m home. And happy to be here. I know we weren’t gone very long, but I was missing it just the same.

Right now I’m in the midst of about an hour or so of absolute peace. There is no one in the house except for me. (And perhaps a mouse or two, but I don’t want to think about that right now. It’s one of the hazards of living in the country without replacing a much loved cat who died a year ago.)

In just a little while, M the Elder will return from his adventure of going back to his usual workplace, a haircut, and a visit to doctor (a specialist) to see what’s wrong with his shoulder (we’re guessing rotator cuff injury after he played softball in the Silver League this past summer). M the Younger is having dinner at his girlfriend’s parents’ home and will be back “sometime tonight.” My oldest son, his wife, and the Exquisite Emma (their daughter and my granddaughter, for those that need to catch up on things) will arrive later, probably around 10pm. Kelsy and Taylor, their dogs, should be with them.

In the meantime, it’s quiet here.

The ducks are still enjoying the pond. I didn’t see the heron at all. What I did luck upon seeing were three deer running across the back of the pond. We’ve seen plenty of deer tracks and deer droppings around the place, but very rarely have we caught sight of the deer. Most of the time we’ve managed to see little more than eyes in the headlights of the car as we pull into the driveway or their white tails as they leap away. Today I had the great pleasure of seeing three deer in their entirety. I was taking a break, sitting on the sofa and reading a book, when I happened to glance out the window and there they were, prancing across the dam.

It was quite thrilling. Not that I haven’t seen deer before. I have. In wilder places than where we live, that’s for sure. But they have been so elusive here, showing us only bits and pieces (most of those bits and pieces being tracks or scat).

It’s been raining for most of the day. Very dreary and gray. I’m enjoying it anyway. I cleaned house today, something I couldn’t do before we left. M the Younger has done a relatively good job of keeping house, but he didn’t start out with a clean house to begin with and that was something I felt I’d left undone. I’m not terribly obsessive about housekeeping, but after a couple of months of being unable to do any chores, the house was, well, a tip as my British friends would say. It was pretty messy.

I love being able to sit here in the quiet and enjoy this little bit of peace knowing that the house is clean, the tree is up, the gifts are wrapped (I had a very productive day as none of this was done when I got up this morning), and that in just a few hours I’ll have my family here, gathered around me.

Right now I’m experiencing that serene moment just before all joy bursts loose and my house becomes filled with people, animals, laughter, light, and lots of love.

The tension between the serenity and the anticipation has me fully loaded, like a confetti gun. I’m ready to burst with that joy. 🙂