A bit gloomy today

(Gay Street signage. Photo by Robin)

I had a bad night last night which has led to a bad morning. I’m sick of this pain. I want to feel normal again. I envy those who are walking around pain-free.

We had some problems with our medical insurance (our plan didn’t allow for us to see out-of-network doctors and every doctor outside of the Bogs was out-of-network) . Fortunately, we were able to switch to something else. Unfortunately, it isn’t effective until January 1st. That puts me on hold with this for a couple more weeks.

In the good news department: I finally finished our holiday cards. Yes, I said/wrote holiday and not Christmas. That doesn’t mean I’m involved in the invented culture wars or the so-called (and equally invented) “War on Christmas.” Fact is, we have a good mix of friends who celebrate a good mix of holidays. Next year I think I’ll just give up trying to get these out on time and start sending out Happy New Year cards.

A friend suggested that February, always such a dreary month, might be the best month for sending out cards. She might be on to something there. There’s certainly less going on during the month of February. We could start a whole new holiday: February Festival of Cards. Or Cheer Up! February. Or something. Hallmark, I’m sure, would love it.

The sad fact is that the annual holiday cards have become just about the only letter writing I do anymore. Email has pretty much replaced letter writing and now blogging has replaced email writing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I still enjoy getting letters and cards through snail mail. Because I enjoy it I believe that others might enjoy it so I continue to put aside any thoughts about cancelling the yearly card marathon.

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. ~Phyllis Theroux