(Sunday sunset stroll. December 17, 2006. Photo by Robin)

It’s been a nice weekend. A very nice weekend.

Yesterday we went to visit with my family, spending most of the day with my parents, my sister, her husband, and their children. I always have a good time with my family. There’s lots of laughter, that’s for sure. The ride wasn’t too bad. Only about an hour and ten minutes or so. That’s closer than we’ve ever been in 30+ years of marriage.

M the Elder and I are going to end up pretty fat by the time this sabbatical is over. My parents bought hoagies for lunch. We go years (years!) without a bite of a hoagie and now they’re becoming almost regular fare for us. My body isn’t used to all this dead animal flesh. There was a slight digestive revolt on the way home. It was worth it. The hoagies were excellent.

The visit was excellent, too. I enjoyed spending time with some of my family, especially the younger generation. I’ve missed out on a lot by living a good distance away from them. It’ll be nice to get to know everyone a bit better. Yesterday was a good start.

Today we went shopping. There’s nothing like shopping on the last weekend before Christmas to get you in the spirit of things, or so I facetiously thought when we left the apartment. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. We managed to find most of what we were looking for at Toys ‘R Us. Almost one stop shopping.

Christmas shopping done, we went to Delaware to check out Totally Wine, the one stop shopping place for wine, beer, and liquor. Prices are somewhat better in Delaware than they are here in PA. The place was huge. A warehouse of alcohol. If you can’t find it there, it might not exist. For instance, they have 445 cabernet sauvignons. Amazing. We’re pretty well stocked for at least the next few months.

What was really interesting was that they had sample tables set up. I got roped into taste testing a couple of vodkas (Pravda vs. Grey Goose). I was feeling pretty warm and happy after that. It’s a good strategy. Get your customers feeling warm and happy and they’ll purchase more. Good thing M wasn’t sampling or we might have come home with more than we did.

One nice feature of the day: the weather. It was warm and sunny. We rode around in the convertible with the top down, soaking in some sunlight and some fresh air. Sunday cruisin’. Nice.

After all the shopping, we returned to the apartment and then set out for a little sunset stroll around the neighborhood. I think that was the nicest part of the weekend, walking down the street with my husband, watching the sun go down, as we explored a little more of our new neighborhood.

Now to the main the burning sun descends,
And sacred night her gloomy veil extends.
The western sun now shot a feeble ray
And faintly scatter’d the remains of day.

– Joseph Addison

2 Comments on “Nice”

  1. Alto2 says:

    Drunk and riding around in a convertible? What do you think you are, 20 and on Spring Break in Cancun? 😉 The photo is as lovely as the day must have been. I really want to know which vodka you preferred, though.

  2. Robin says:

    Yeah, I’ll be in the next Grannies Gone Wild video. (Perish the thought!! LOL!)

    The Pravda, which surprised me. I thought I’d like the Grey Goose better.

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