(Yosemite. April 2006)

I stumbled across Photo Friday and decided I like it better than the Flashback Friday thing I had been doing. It gives me a theme while allowing me to use old photos. I like having a theme. It’s direction. Direction can be a good thing when I’m at a loss as to what to post or write about.

This week’s challenge is “Immature.” After sorting through photos of M the Elder and M the Younger, as well as the obvious granddaughter archives, I decided on this one. During one of our short hikes in Yosemite we saw a lot of giant trees. This little tree stood out so much precisely because it was so small and immature.

The tree is more than first a seed, then a stem, then a living trunk, and then dead timber. The tree is a slow, enduring force straining to win the sky. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Wisdom of the Sands, translated from French by Stuart Gilbert

One Comment on “Immature”

  1. english nutter says:

    What a beautiful little tree! You have an eye for composition.

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