Art attack: soulspace

(The pond at sunset. September 2006.)

When the mind is at peace,
the world too is at peace.

Nothing real, nothing absent.

Not holding on to reality,

not getting stuck in the void,
you are neither holy nor wise,
just an ordinary fellow who has completed his work.

~Layman P’ang (C. 740 – 808)

This quote was posted at Ineffable Bliss. It was just what I was looking for. 🙂

When I think of soulspace, I think of this little bit of paradise on which M the Elder and I reside. Oh, it’s not perfect and things have changed since we bought the house and property (some for the good, some for the not-so-good), but I always find peace here, especially floating on the pond at sunset.

And it’s in that peace that I find soulspace.

Thanks to Kel at X facta for the weekly Art Attack challenge.

Flashback Friday

(Comrad Pooh. Christmas Eve 2005)

(M the Younger. Christmas Eve 2005)

Last Christmas my husband spoiled me rotten by giving me a digital camera. The main reason I wanted it was to be able to take lots of photos of my granddaughter and share them with friends and family. It seems like everyone is on the internet these days. Friends and family from around the world were asking to see photos of the newest addition to our family and the easiest way to accomplish that is with a digital camera.

The above photos were some of my first with the new toy. I started with the cooperative Comrad Pooh (who is Comrad Pooh only when he wears M the Younger’s Russian hat), taking several photos of him just to see how the camera worked. Then I moved on to live subjects (who are not always as thrilled to have their picture taken as Comrad Pooh). Thousands of photos and almost one year later I’m faced with the dilemma of how to organize and archive this stuff.

I meant to print photos as I went along and keep them organized in a photo album the same way I’ve been doing it for decades. However, I got lazy. Really lazy. I’ve had very few photos turned into prints and the idea of going back over the whole year is…well…daunting, to say the least. Perhaps while I’m jobless I’ll have more time for this sort of thing. The key, I think, will be to keep it simple. That’s also the hard part.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann, Introduction to the Bootstrap, 1993