September’s Full Moon

(Taken September 8, 2006 from the front of Breezy Acres.)

Welcome to Life in the Bogs!

The moon was gorgeous last night, big and full and golden orange. M and I went out for a walk around the pond for the specific purpose of trying to get some decent photos. I’ve been playing around with moon shots for a while and think I finally got the hang of it. The tripod makes a huge difference (fewer blurry photos).

I love this time of year. The days are still warm, but the nights are cool which makes for great sleeping weather. Fog forms over the water of the pond every night and in the early mornings, making it magical and mysterious. Some of the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn and the fall wildflowers are in full bloom.

We’re getting all sorts of visitors at the pond these days. We had a pair of cormorants swimming and fishing out there the other day. There were two great blue herons here for breakfast this morning. A red-tailed hawk swoops by every now and again, scaring the little birds that are gathering in huge flocks, getting ready to fly south. The monarch butterflies are feeding on the nectar of the fall blooms and the goldfinches are fattening up on the sunflower seeds. Every morning the cawing of crows and the honking of geese wake us up.

T, my boss at work, mentioned that coyotes have been waking her up in the middle of the night lately. I haven’t heard them yet, but expect we probably will at some point. Right now the prominent middle-of-the-night noise comes from the hooting of the great horned owl which lives in our woods.

Who says living in the country means peace and quiet?

We’ve had mostly sunny weather lately. The sky is darkening in anticipation of the storms that are moving in, rumbles of thunder in the background, as I type. We could use the rain. We planted a lot of trees (over 100!!) this year and I’m sure they’ll enjoy a good watering.

This is one of those rare weekends where we have nothing planned. There are several festivals going on in surrounding towns/communities and we might wander down to the German community’s Oktoberfest later this evening (weather permitting, of course). Or we might head over to Mantua for the Potato Festival. That’s always great fun (especially if you like eating potatoes in a large variety of ways!).

A note about the name of my blog: When we hike around here, even after the driest of times and weather, there will always be a boggy spot somewhere along the way. Perhaps it has something to do with this being the Lake Erie watershed area. Whatever the case, even high up on a hill you might find yourself sinking into the mud.

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. ~Edwin Way Teale

3 Comments on “September’s Full Moon”

  1. Val says:

    Robin – I’ve just found your first post. Wow! I hadn’t realised you’d been blogging for this long! I started my very first blog just two years before you (on a different platform, not wordpress).

    I wish you’d put an archives page here or an archives widget… would make it so much easier to find older posts.

    Wonderful! 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Look at you, Val. Digging around. LOL! I’m so glad you found my first post. It’s nice to know someone has read it. I’ve been blogging since 1999. I started elsewhere (under a pseudonym), then blogged at Blogger beginning in 2006. I moved to WordPress less than a year later (I think). Thankfully I was able to move the Blogger stuff here so it’s all in one place.

    I hadn’t thought about putting up the archives widget, mostly because I didn’t realize anyone would be interested. I’ll take care of that when I get home. I’m traveling and this laptop is driving me bonkers (the cursor skips around and every now and then it just wipes out whole comments).

    Thank you. 🙂

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